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Obama Commerce Department Shows One ACA-led Tax Cost Industry 28k Jobs

Armstrong Williams, In a corner of the U.S. Department of Commerce website cluttered with millions of statistics and data sits a series of numbers that paint a stark reality of Obamacare. Most notably, just how much damage one tax created by this onerous law has wielded on U.S. manufacturers across the country. Earlier this morning,

Trump Warns of ‘rigged’ Vote #ElectionFraud

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump warned his supporters Monday to keep a close eye on the polls so the “election is not stolen from us,” while Hillary Clinton hit her opponent with allegations he uses Chinese steel in his construction projects the day after a raucous second presidential debate. Trump told supporters at a rally

Obamacare’s Three Biggest Deceits

Ramin Oskoui, MD, And the five fixes that could begin to set things right again. When a supposedly “compassionate” physician runs out of “other people’s money” due to problems with an ill-conceived national health care law — a law rammed through by a Democrat-controlled Congress against the American people’s better judgment — and his patient

Contract with America, the Sequel

D.W. Wilber, Back in 1994 the then-Minority Whip in Congress, Georgia Republican Congressman Newt Gingrich, along with his colleague, Texas Republican Richard Armey, crafted what was later called the “Contract with America.” What some at the time, especially Democrats, viewed initially as a political gimmick, but ultimately turned out to be a brilliant political tactic.