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It’s In Our Nation’s Interests to Give Betsy a Chance

Helen Raleigh, The title of my column was the plea from former Democrat Senator Joseph Lieberman at the confirmation hearings of Betsy DeVos, nominee to lead the Department of Education. Before making this plea, Senator Lieberman listed the failures of our public education system that those of us who care about education have only become

Top Democrat Senator Introduces Bill to Confiscate Guns

 Democrats today live by the creed “don’t let a good crisis go to waste”, meaning that they will take full advantage of tragedies in order to advance their agenda. So it came as no surprise that following the recent stabbing/shooting spree in California, both Democrat Senators from the Left coast state joined together to introduce

Ethics Charges Filed for Multiple Democrat Senators for Corruption

 Thanks to some intrepid journalism and numerous Freedom of Information Act requests, we have learned a great deal about the IRS targeting of conservative groups. One thing in particular that has been learned is that the IRS targeting occurred at the behest of several Democrat Senators, and that the IRS broke the law by providing