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Democrat Supermajority

Rob Schneider to Democrats: ‘It’s Not Russia, It’s You’

Jerome Hudson, Actor-comedian Rob Schneider has a simple message for Democrats harping on about alleged connections between Trump campaign staff and the Russian government: It’s not them. It’s you. In a message posted to his Twitter page Wednesday, Schneider illustrated how U.S. voters had been rejecting Democrats and voting them out of power long before the 2016

California Democrat Supermajority 2016

Patrick Bobko, “The greatest weariness comes from work not done” ? Eric Hoffer For Republicans in the Golden State, results from the November 2016 election were dire. Democrats unseated three Republican members of the State Assembly and gained a seat in the State Senate. These losses, taken together, give the Democrats a “supermajority” in the

California’s New ‘Hot Air’ Obsession: Cow Farts

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, Many Americans consider California the “land of fruits and nuts” — and lately it’s hard to argue with that. First, California leftists want to secede from the United States of America, simply because they don’t like the outcome of one election. But now — they want to regulate cow flatulence.  Yes, that’s