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Phyllis Schlafly: Feminists Can’t Get Over Clarence Thomas

Most people would get over a defeat that occurred nearly 25 years ago, but feminists hold grudges forever. They continue to rage against Justice Clarence Thomas’s routing of them at his 1991 confirmation hearings, where he beat liberals at their own game, surviving a media ambush that would have destroyed any mere mortal. A new

White House-Congress rift over Bergdahl deal deepens

 A political storm over the trade of five Taliban inmates for a captured American soldier intensified on Monday when Obama administration officials told U.S. lawmakers that up to 90 people within the administration – but no members of Congress – were told in advance about the swap. “It strikes me as unfortunate that they could

Obama, Republicans openly feud over immigration legislation

 Partisan bickering over immigration reform legislation intensified on Wednesday as President Barack Obama and House of Representatives Republicans accused each other of standing in the way of progress one year after bipartisan Senate legislation was introduced. On the one-year anniversary of the Senate bill, Obama went on the attack after a long period of trying

House passes Ryan’s Republican budget with deep spending cuts

 U.S. House Republicans narrowly passed a new balanced budget plan from Representative Paul Ryan on Thursday in a vote that will help shape the debate ahead of November’s congressional elections. The plan authored by Ryan, the influential House Budget Committee chairman, would eliminate deficits within 10 years, due largely to deep cuts to social safety

Republican budget proposes deep cuts in domestic programs

 Representative Paul Ryan, the leading Republican voice on budget policy, rolled out a new fiscal blueprint on Tuesday that calls for deep cuts in domestic programs, increased defense spending and a goal of erasing annual deficits in 10 years. Ryan’s budget, called the “Path to Prosperity,” has almost no chance of passing the Democratic-controlled Senate

Republican Paul Ryan to unveil U.S. budget plan on Tuesday

 U.S. Representative Paul Ryan on Tuesday plans to unveil a 10-year balanced budget plan that seeks to bolster Republicans’ campaign credentials as the party of fiscal prudence but also leaves them open to fresh attacks over deep cuts to social programs. The House Budget Committee, which Ryan chairs, said in a statement that it has