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Poll: 2016 Presidential Race More Narrow Than Reported #Election2016

Alicia Hesse, Post-DNC survey shows Trump and Clinton neck and neck — GOP unified. After the smoke cleared from both political parties’ national conventions, the campaign has settled back into a tight horse race, according to the latest weekly presidential tracking poll from The Economist/YouGov. The survey, taken entirely after the Democratic Convention, shows Trump a

Donald Trump hosts Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ during Democratic Convention

Republican nominee Donald Trump spent the third night of the Democratic National Convention Wednesday taking questions on the website Reddit, revealing which presidents he most admires and appealing to Bernie Sanders voters to back him in November. Reddit, a website that bills itself as the “front page of the internet” has hosted several all-encompassing question-and-answer

Disunity in the City of Brotherly Love as Democratic Convention takes a dramatic twist.

Lloyd Billingsley, Frontpage Mag, On Sunday the show was “Run DNC,” with the email scandal that toppled Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and confirmed for many that, as Donald Trump contended, the system was rigged and Bernie Sanders didn’t have a chance. Monday it was Ladies Night in Philadelphia, and the story took a dramatic twist. Leah

Hillary: All Fizzle And No Sizzle

Armstrong Williams,  ‘All sizzle and no steak,’ is a long-standing American idiom denoting someone who is full of style and flash, but lacks substance. But what about the opposite? – All Steak and no sizzle. Well, that might be ok, at least you’re getting a steak. But Hillary Clinton’s campaign of late may be a

Nevada Democratic Convention becomes ‘unruly and unpredictable’ amid rules disputes over delegates

The Nevada State Democratic Convention on Saturday night devolved into an “unruly and unpredictable” environment following several disputes over rules governing delegates for Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, leading to law enforcement officials being called to keep the peace. Two issues in particular stung Sanders supporters gathered at the Paris Las Vegas

Feminists Hit Back on Anti-Mom Amenities Implemented by the…DNC


[youtube]   Famous feminists aren’t too happy with what they’re calling “anti-mom” policies at this year’s DNC convention in Charlotte. The National Organization for women is accusing DNC officials of implementing rules that treat mothers of younger children as second class citizens. “Women are the key to a Democratic victory, and sometimes, children are