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Black Leaders Decry Hillary Clinton’s ‘Unconscionable Silence’ Over Black Abortion

Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D., In an “open letter” to Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, a group of leading black Christian clergy and intellectuals are denouncing Clinton’s complicity in America’s abortion crisis, which it says has had a “catastrophic impact” on the black community. The 26 prominent black Christian leaders, including eight African American bishops, assailed

Watch: Hillary Clinton Steadies Herself Before Going Down Stairs

After finishing a campaign speech in Fort Pierce, Florida, Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton grasped an arm to steady herself before going down the steps off the stage. After walking to the top of the stairs, she paused and pointed at someone. A man, perhaps a Secret Service agent, approached her from behind and offered

Hillary Clinton: Brain-Dead Democrat Druggie

Hillary Clinton has serious medical problems. Truthfully, she’s a brain-dead Democrat druggie. The woman can barely stand on her own, as (very strong) handlers wait nearby by to keep her on her feet. By now most people have seen the picture of two handlers dragging her big butt up the stairs, essentially confirming that she is a

Kentucky Fried Clinton, Vote to Keep Your Coal Jobs #NeverHillary

As Clinton Campaigns Ahead Of Tuesday’s Primary, Kentucky Voters Have Not Forgotten Her Pledge To Kill The Coal Jobs And Businesses Kentuckians Depend On TOP TAKEAWAYS Today, Clinton Is Campaigning In Kentucky Ahead Of The State’s Democrat Primary Tomorrow. “Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be in the state again Monday to campaign ahead of

Why Is the Press Not Talking About the Rigged Democratic Presidential Nomination?

Bruce Bialosky, Why is John Kasich still in the campaign? Ted Cruz has to get 87% of the remaining delegates to win the nomination. Donald Trump will never get enough delegates to stop a brokered (read that contested) convention. Controversy everywhere. If it bleeds it leads. But the real story is how the Democratic bosses

Inevitable Hillary: The 2016 Democratic Presidential Power Rankings

 We regularly cover and rank the 2016 Republican race for President, but there is also plenty of real competition on the Democratic side in 2016. We investigate the top 10 frontrunners.  It’s clear that liberal voters want an alternative to the moderate, pro traditional marriage, centrist Hillary Clinton who ran and lost to Barack Obama