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Satellite Images Reveal Massing Of 15,000 Ukraine Troops, Hundreds Of Tanks Around Slavyansk

 Yesterday, we jokingly noted that with separatists blockading Slavyansk from a Ukraine special-forces invasion, and with the Ukraine army blockading Slavyansk from said separatists (unclear exactly why), that the east Ukraine city of Slavyansk is easily the most blocked city in the world (and in dire need of fiber). However, based on just released satellite imagery showing

Tensions Rising: Ukraine Accord Doubts Grow as Protesters Refuse to Disarm

 Pro-Russian protesters in eastern Ukraine refused to lay down their arms even as the government in Kiev pledged to abide by an accord reached in Geneva, testing anew Russia’s willingness to help defuse the crisis. Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s government suspended anti-terrorist operations in eastern Ukraine and said it was ready to pursue constitutional revisions.

Putin Thugs Demanding Jews Register In Eastern Ukraine

 B. Christopher Agee  Since taking over portions of the government in Ukraine, pro-Russian forces are increasingly imposing their will on the neighboring country. Reports indicate that in the city of Donetsk, which Russia is targeting as its next conquest, anti-Semitic behavior is reaching unconscionable levels. According to news emerging from the region this week, Jews