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It’s America or Her, I’m with America

Liz Crokin, This is the first presidential election in my lifetime that is not about the two candidates or Republican versus Democrat. What a lot of people are missing about this election is that it’s about nationalism versus globalism, anti-establishment versus establishment, ending the unprecedented and widespread level of corruption in the government, restoring law

Walter E. Williams: Multiculturalism: A Failed Concept

German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that multiculturalism has “utterly failed,” adding that it was an illusion to think Germans and foreign workers could “live happily side by side.” The failure of multiculturalism is also seen in Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and other European countries. Immigrants coming from Africa and the Middle East

Trump Drives National Conversation #AmericaFirst

Edmund Kozak, On major issues, the man the Establishment loves to hate has changed America’s dialogue. For a politician who is the media’s persona non grata for espousing views supposedly beyond the pale of polite and acceptable discourse, Donald Trump is doing a surprisingly good job of directing the national conversation. Time and time again,

Negative Rates Hit Global Shipping Market

The owner of the world’s biggest shipping line says negative interest rates are hurting the industry by delaying the consolidation wave so badly needed. The monetary policy environment “means that consolidation will be much slower because it’s easy for banks to keep weak shipping companies above water,” Nils Smedegaard Andersen, chief executive officer of A.P. Moeller-Maersk

Fed Official: America No Longer Top Country to Achieve American Dream

Research finds upward mobility higher in Canada and Denmark. Federal Reserve official William Dudley said America is no longer the top country for achieving the American Dream in remarks on economic opportunity and income mobility at a conference in New York on Monday according to the Washington Free Beacon news source. “While income mobility in

What to do When Forced to Perform ˜Gay Weddings’

Matt Barber  Churches in Denmark are now compelled, by law, to host same-sex “weddings.” America is next. Tyranny’s appetite is insatiable. The secular-left’s hunger for power and control over its detractors can never be satisfied. To outwardly succumb and affirmatively capitulate to their pagan demands will never be enough. Thought control is the goal. Case

Bilderberg Agenda Revealed: Elite Desperate to Rescue Unipolar World

Anti-EU revolution, Ukraine crisis threaten to derail global government The 2014 Bilderberg meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark is taking place amidst a climate of panic for many of the 120 globalists set to attend the secretive confab, with Russia’s intransigence on the crisis in Ukraine and the anti-EU revolution sweeping Europe posing a serious threat to

The 2014 Bilderberg Convention Anniversary at the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel

Berlin, Participants: On fabled meeting it comes to ” like on a school trip “  In its 60th year, the controversial Bilderberg conference at the Marriott Hotel to be held in Copenhagen. This research showed the magazine Cicero ( June issue ) . On the last weekend of May, there will come together around 120