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For Trump, defense hawk/budget hawk could be winning combination

Byron York, There will be plenty of people to tell Trump he can’t do anything about Pentagon waste. There already are. On December 22, Politico published a piece premised on the notion that Trump planned to intervene in contracting “to score political points, reward his friends and punish his enemies.” Doing so, Politico reported would

Boeing CEO vows to build new Air Force One for less after Trump complaints

The CEO of Boeing told President-elect Donald Trump Wednesday that his company can build a new Air Force One for less than originally quoted — after Trump complained about the cost. Earlier this month, Trump made headlines for blasting the company on Twitter for alleged cost overruns with the new fleet of Air Force One

The press says Trump is riling Up the corporate world

I’m starting to see a pattern here. Donald Trump makes an aggressive move, breaking with the usual practice or protocol, and the media do their rain dance: Why, this is deeply troubling! Things simply aren’t done this way. People are getting nervous. How can you run a government like this? Then they round up people