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UCLA’s Crusade Against Professor Keith Fink

Lloyd Billingsley, Yet another progressive purge against a free-speech champion. The University of California at Los Angeles boasts a winning tradition and student Keith Fink was something of an academic John Wooden. Fink won three consecutive National Collegiate Debate championships, went on to complete law school, then returned to UCLA to teach in the same department

Trump signs order creating accountability office at VA

President Donald Trump on Thursday created an office at the Department of Veterans Affairs to improve accountability and protect whistleblowers, calling it a “bold step forward.” Trump, who made improving veterans’ care a prominent issue in his presidential campaign, said the Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection will make clear “that we will never, ever

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Calls for ‘Exit’ of Paris Climate Agreement

Ben Kew, The head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Scott Pruitt, has called for America to “exit” the Paris Climate Agreement signed by Barack Obama last November. In an interview with FOX and Friends, Pruitt said that “Paris [agreement] is something that we need to really look at closely. It’s something we need to exit

‘Outmanned & outgunned:’ Tribal police officers face dangerous challenges

The shooting death of 27-year-old Navajo Nation Police Officer Houston James Largo, who was responding to a routine domestic violence call in the remote community of Prewitt, N.M. on Sunday, highlights the unique challenges his agency faces in fighting crime. Tribal officers often patrol vast, desolate areas – sometimes 1,000 miles at a time –

Trump hammered for government cuts – but Clinton pursued similar strategy

President Trump is taking a beating in the press for plans to pursue significant cuts to the federal bureaucracy. But despite the outrage, he’s actually taking a page from President Bill Clinton, whose brash efforts to streamline government in the 1990s were praised not so long ago.  The popular president famously declared at his 1996

Trump signs executive order to eliminate government waste #DrainTheSwamp

Doug G. Ware, President Donald Trump on Monday signed an executive order intended to weed out wasteful spending in the federal government. The president told reporters in the Oval Office Monday afternoon that his order calls for a “thorough examination of every executive department and agency” to find out “where money is being wasted [and]

Preet Bharara ‘fired’: A phony scandal created by an Obama appointee

Hans A. von Spakovsky, It should come as no surprise that an Obama political appointee (with the cooperation of the media) would try to create a phony scandal out of a routine event. With every new administration, the incoming president asks all U.S. attorneys appointed by the prior administration to resign. After all, they are

New NAFTA Deal Still Being Worked Out By Trump Administration

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said on Sunday the Trump administration has yet to determine what the trade agreement replacing NAFTA will look like. “One size doesn’t fit all,” Ross said in an exclusive interview on “Sunday Morning Futures.” “The issues of automotive are not the same as the issues of agriculture; they’re not the same