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Yet Another Reason Clinton Lost: Trump Outworked Her

Deroy Murdock, Secretary Clinton’s supporters relentlessly claim that the “illegitimate” President-elect Donald J. Trump won, thanks to the FBI, the KGB, “fake news,” Electoral College members who voted as they promised, and perhaps the Bermuda Triangle. These sorest of losers refuse to concede that if Hillary Clinton really wanted to be president of the United

The Pro Hillary, Liberal Media at War with Trump

Deroy Murdock, How low will Donald J. Trump’s foes go to tear him down? Why not concoct a fake anti-Semitism flap? “Donald Trump is normalizing bigotry,” a Washington Post headline screamed Friday night. “His campaign manager’s website publishes an anti-Semitic screed.” The unsigned editorial slams “a personal attack on the website Breitbart, whose executive chairman

Trump’s on the Right: From school choice to black outreach to rebuilding the military

Deroy Murdock, Trump’s Secret Weapon: The Conservative Agenda. Why is Donald J. Trump neck and neck with Hillary Clinton? For the most part, he is doing exactly what the Right would want and expect from a Republican nominee. Left for dead just a month ago, Trump now bests Clinton in Nevada (43 percent to 40

This Opinion Just In┬ŽNever Trump Devolves Into Farce

Deroy Murdock, Putting aside the merits of Never Trump, do those who want to sink the soon-to-be-anointed Republican presidential nominee have any sense of political strategy? The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol unleashed the biggest drum roll ever recorded in early June. He promised to unveil the greatest, wisest, most visionary, compassionate, and charismatic conservative candidate