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Diane Katz

The Anchor of Over-Regulation

Ed Feulner, “If I could paraphrase a well-known statement by Will Rogers that he never met a man he didn’t like,” President Reagan once quipped, “I’m afraid we have some people around here who never met a tax they didn’t like.” Instead of “tax,” he could just as easily have said “regulation.” Consider the reaction

Obama is rushing to Trump-proof the White House

Anita Kumar, McClatchy Obama is trying to put the people and policies in place that he wants to outlast his presidency in the final weeks before Donald Trump takes over. And his supporters want more, way more. Every president tries to push through last-minute policies before their time in office comes to a close. But

The EPA Shows Again That It’s an Affront to Common Sense

Jeff Stier, For decades, in administrations Democratic and Republican alike, the Environmental Protection Agency has been a paragon of waste, fraud, and abuse, a corrupt taxpayer-funded Evil Empire. “Science” there is just a tool to be manipulated in order to advance radical anti-technology and anti-industry agendas, even if it means distorting the intent of statutes