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Would Revived Civics End Up Being Progressive Ed Redux?

Robert G. Holland, The good news is that civics education, which teaches children the basics of good citizenship, is quickly gaining fans after being dormant for decades.  There is a growing recognition that democracy cannot endure if three fourths of American students don’t know what makes their country tick. The big unknown is whether revived

California Charter School Advocates Spend Millions on Primary Candidates

Elizabeth BeShears, Groups supporting charter schools were responsible for nearly one-third of the record $27.9 million of independent expenditures spent on California’s primary races this year. The groups—including the Parent Teacher Alliance, sponsored by the California Charter Schools Association Advocates and EdVoice—spent millions of dollars on more than 40 candidates pursuing seats in the California

The Troubles with Common Core

Rick Santorum  From its beginning, the Common Core State Standards initiative has flown under the radar. Its funding, its implementation, and the substance of the standards it proposes have received little public attention, but all of them are questionable. What troubles me the most is how fast these standards were adopted and how little transparency