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 Phillip Wood Flight 370 hijacking conspiracy started spreading on the Internet this week. The US says the Phillip Wood Flight 370 hijacking conspiracy theories are completely ‘baseless’ despite some people believing it to be true. What is the Phillip Wood Flight 370 hijacking conspiracy? According to the theories, the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was

GPS Data Missing Malaysian Airplane Could be Found in Remote Island in the Indian Ocean?

MH370 Held in Diego Garcia Not a Conspiracy Theory!  Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 may have flown into tiny island called Diego Garcia. Diego Garcia is a remotely located atoll in the Indian Ocean. The lonely island in the middle of the Indian Ocean is home to a U.S. Naval base and is now speculated

Updates: Conspiracy theories, Comprehensive Investigative Look at the Flight MH370 Mystery

Readers This is Alot of Info Take Your Time and Read it Then form an Your Opininion.  Most Likely Truth Lies Some where Inbetween a Conspiracy and an Accident! You Decide! Freelance journalist: ‘Hijacked flight 370 passenger sent photo from hidden iPhone tracing back to secret U.S. military base Diego Garcia’Are passenger Phillip Wood and others

Conspiracy theory? Watch Malaysian Flight Video – GPS Data Reveals Possible Location Of MH370

 As We reported Last Weekend on Conservative Read! Either it is the biggest conspiracy in U.S. history since the JFK assassination, or an elaborate hoax has been perpetrated on the world. Intellihub investigative reporter Shepard Ambella discovered that Phillip Wood, an American high-level executive at IBM, who was on Malaysian Flight 370, sent a text message

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 search and rescue team have had Uniform Patches made !

 Malaysian media should pose critical questions to the US and its Intelligence Services and not to the Malaysian Government. Let me state from the outset that I totally agree with the press statements by Malaysia’s Defence Minister and Acting Transport Minister, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein that “we have conducted ourselves fairly, responsibly and history will

The MH370 Conspiracy: Are the Israelis Planning Another 9-11 Using the Missing Boeing 777?

U.S.A. Also Involved! Ever notice when something big happens our nations leaders are abroad. just prior to incident or there after? Take this as an Example. Remember Flight MH370 Went Missing March 8, 2014. “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looks on as President Obama speaks in the Oval Office of the White House on Monday,

Malaysia 370 Approached Diego Garcia: New Eyewitness Reports From Maldives Island Residents

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die  What is now believed to be Malaysia Flight 370 was seen flying very low over the Maldives Islands at 6:15 a.m. on the morning of March 8th, 2014. This story confirms it was last seen flying in a south-eastern direction towards Diego Garcia. The internet has blown up in recent