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John Podesta: ‘Forces within the FBI’ may have wanted Clinton to lose #DealWithIt

John Podesta, the former chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, said Monday “forces within the FBI” may have wanted her to lose. “There are at least forces within the FBI that wanted her to lose,” Podesta said during an interview with the website NewCo, Politico reported. “I’m not sure they really understood the alternative, but

Mike Pence: I’d prefer if ‘Dishonest Hillary’ didn’t associate herself with ‘Honest Abe’

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence said he’d prefer if “Dishonest Hillary” didn’t associate herself with “Honest Abe” Lincoln, after Hillary Clinton tried to explain a seeming disconnect between private and public positions by invoking the 16th president’s name at Sunday’s debate. “What you have with these Wikileaks releases of these emails is they’re pulling