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A&E announces ‘Generation KKK’ documentary, Twitterverse erupts with criticism

A&E has embedded with the Ku Klux Klan for a new docuseries, which trade publications – like the Hollywood Reporter – have called timely, but some social media users are slamming the eight-episode series, accusing the network of normalizing white supremacy. A little over a year ago, A&E began to follow four Klan families who

Leading Pro-Palestine Communist Trains Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters

Trevor Loudon, New Zeal A seasoned Communist Party USA activist has been lending her revolutionary expertise to the often violent “peaceful protesters” seeking to permanently shut down the nearly completed and highly strategic Dakota Access Pipeline. Communists from all over the world have converged on the DAP site, near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North

Washington Post Hides Article About Podesta’s Nude Children Photo Collection

InfoWars, The Washington Post has removed an article in which Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s “art” collection was revealed to contain pictures of naked teenagers. Podesta collects “documentary-style pictures of naked teenagers in their parents’ suburban homes” The 2004 article, archived online, includes comments from former Clinton administration official Sally Katzen in which she discusses

Hillary Trots Out Al Gore to Highlight Tone Deafness

Edmund Kozak, Despite voters’ focus on the economy, former VP calls climate change the ‘most urgent issue facing our country’ In the heat of an election where voters are deeply concerned about stagnant wages, a increasingly dangerous world and a sputtering economy, Hillary Clinton dragged B-list political celebrity and failed presidential candidate Al Gore out on the

Katie Couric Faces $12 Million Suit for Defaming Gun Owners

Adan Salazar, Trailer for anti-gun documentary deceptively edited to promote gun control agenda. Former NBC journalist Katie Couric is being sued for $12 million by Second Amendment proponents who say she defamed them in a trailer for her pro-gun control documentary, Under the Gun. Several members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League who appeared in

Anti-Hillary Economy Exploding in Merchandise, Movies and Books

Paul Bond | Hollywood Reporter, “Hillary for Prison 2016” T-shirts were a big seller outside the RNC, along with scads of other Clinton-hating merch. Editor’s note: Infowars would like to clarify – despite many people wearing the shirt – we did not sell our “Hillary for Prison” t-shirts or merchandise at the RNC or DNC.

They Think We’re Stupid¦And Maybe They’re Right

Derek Hunter, No question, the deterioration of modern society is a subjective thing. What some consider problematic, others cheer. What some see as economic stagnation, others call “recovery summer.” But some things are, or at least should be, beyond refute. They aren’t, not anymore. Katie Couric, formerly of the Today Show and now apparently host

Audio shows Katie Couric documentary deceptively edited interview with pro-gun activists

The makers of a new Katie Couric documentary on gun violence deceptively edited an interview between Couric and a group of gun rights activists in an apparent attempt to embarrass the activists, an audio recording of the full interview shows. At the 21:48 mark of Under the Gun a scene of Katie Couric interviewing members

Filmmaker D’Souza’s ‘America’ Documentary to Portray Hillary Clinton as Teenager

 Dinesh D’Souza, the conservative filmmaker, will stage a young Hillary Clinton’s first encounters with leftist icon Saul Alinsky in his soon-to-be released film, “America.” A one-minute clip (See Clip Below) obtained by The Hollywood Reporter shows the former secretary of state, portrayed by 22-year-old actress Jennifer Pearson, at the age of 14 talking to a youth