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Drain the Higher Ed. Swamp That Produced the ‘Hang Trump’ Prof.

Bruce Thornton, Lunatic lecturer is only a symptom of a larger disease. The uproar over a Fresno State history lecturer’s tweets about assassinating President Trump is understandable, but in the end the outrage is pointless. It’s doubtful the feds will charge the fellow, given how outlandish and obviously hyperbolic the tweets are. Nor is he

If You Want Real Change, Start with Education

Bruce Thornton, Stopping the indoctrination of our children is a necessary first step. The first eight weeks of Trump’s administration have been filled with executive orders attacking the unconstitutional excesses of the Obama presidency. He’s also pledged to kill the regulatory Hydra, increase defense spending, reform the tax code, and restore America’s prestige. And all

Senate confirms Trump pick Perry as energy secretary

The U.S. Senate on Thursday voted to confirm President Donald Trump’s pick to head the Department of Energy, former Texas Governor Rick Perry, who has promised to renew America’s nuclear weapons arsenal. Perry’s rise to America’s top energy official came against opposition from Democrats worried about his ties to oil companies, his doubts about the

Mr. Trump, the Department of Energy has a fake name. It’s time to make things right

Mark P. Mills,  Start with a simple indisputable fact. Most of the Department of Energy’s budget has nothing to do with energy. Nothing. Some $20 billion of that agency’s $30 billion budget is devoted to military-related nuclear activities. Other than DOE having a misleading title, what’s the problem with that? The illusion that DOE is

Trump Cabinet Picks Indicate New Climate Sheriff in Town

H. Sterling Burnett, President-elect Donald Trump’s picks for key cabinet and administration posts show he was serious about reining in environmental regulations and rationalizing the nation’s climate and energy policies in an effort to remove barriers to job growth, economic progress, and improved national security. Trump selected Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo (R) to head the

Number of Homeschooled Students Has Doubled Since 1999

Michael McGrady,  The number of homeschooled students in the United States more than doubled between 1999 and 2012, according to U.S. Department of Education (DOE) estimates. “The percentage of students ages 5–17 with a grade equivalent of kindergarten through grade 12 who are homeschooled—the homeschooling rate—has increased over time,” states the study, titled “Homeschooling in

No, Eliminating the Department of Education Would Not ‘Devastate’ U.S.

Teresa Mull, On September 1, the Center for American Progress (CAP), a group of self-proclaimed “progressives,” declared in a headline on its website, “Trump’s Plan to Eliminate the Department of Education is Yet Another in a List of Terrible Ideas.” In addition to being an example of “terrible” headline writing, CAP’s proclamation is just one of

Sorry girls, your civil rights in Illinois just got double flushed

Todd Starnes, Do the rights of boys who identify as girls trump the rights of girls who are born girls? That question is at the heart of a lawsuit filed by dozens of Illinois parents after the Obama administration’s Department of Education strong-armed their school district into allowing a transgender student the right to use

Nuke dump officials confirm leak of waste

 Department of Energy officials say radiation levels detected in and around the nation’s only underground nuclear waste repository are consistent with a leak at the southeastern New Mexico facility. Carlsbad field office manager Jose Franco said Thursday that readings from sensors above and below ground indicate the radiation is coming from waste stored at the