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Election Law Violation Was Hillary’s Idea

Matthew Vadum, Orders to use Donald Duck to foment violence at Trump rallies came straight from the top. Democrat Hillary Clinton personally authorized illegal dirty tricks operations against Republican Donald Trump’s campaign, according to top Democrats appearing in undercover video. In the third Hillary-related video released by ACORN slayer James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas

Trump campaign: Video shows Clinton coordinated with liberal group to incite crowds

Donald Trump’s campaign charged Monday that new undercover video shot by a conservative activist proves Hillary Clinton “directly” coordinated with a liberal group that’s been accused of inciting violence at Trump rallies. The latest video from Project Veritas allegedly showed a Democratic operative – who previously had been linked to individuals accused of planting provocateurs

Hillary Clinton’s Deliberate Incitement of Violence at Trump Rallies

“Recent revelations surrounding Hillary Clinton’s corrupt campaign further illustrate that she will stop at nothing to secure the Presidency. In a totally disqualifying act that is a violent threat to our democracy, Hillary Clinton directly involved herself in inciting violence directed at Trump supporters. The Clintons have divided our country for far too long. On

Hillary Should Be Disqualified and DNC’s Donna Brazile Fired for #DuckGate

When someone is disqualified, they are officially told they cannot do something, because they have broken a law or rule. Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton personally ordered people outfitted in Donald Duck costumes to troll Trump rallies, the latest groundbreaking video from Project Veritas shows. The third in a series exposing Democrat voter fraud and