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Trump meets with vaccine skeptic RFK Jr. to discuss safety probe

President-elect Donald Trump is reviving long debunked attempts to link vaccines to autism, meeting with a vocal skeptic to discuss chairing a commission on vaccination safety — a move that alarmed child health experts. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. met with Trump at Trump Tower in New York on Tuesday, and told reporters that he had

Trump expresses doubts about online security

President-elect Donald Trump says that “no computer is safe” when it comes to keeping information private, expressing new skepticism about the security of online communications his administration is likely to use for everything from day-to-day planning to international relations. Trump rarely uses email or computers, despite his frequent tweeting. “You know, if you have something

Moscow doubts killer of ambassador was a lone wolf

The spokesman for President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday indicated that Moscow doesn’t believe the gunman who killed Russia’s ambassador to Turkey acted on his own, but refused to explain the reasons for the suspicion. “We shouldn’t rush with any theories before the investigators establish who were behind the assassination of our ambassador,” said spokesman Dmitry

Conservative cardinals challenge Pope over teachings on family

Four conservative Roman Catholic cardinals on Monday made a rare public challenge to Pope Francis over some of his teachings in a major document on the family, accusing him of sowing confusion on important moral issues. The cardinals – two Germans, an Italian, and an American – said they had gone public with their letter

Trump to Lay Out a Vision for First 100 Days as President

Donald Trump plans to set out a positive vision for his first 100 days as president, in what his campaign called a closing argument for voters that will come a day after he vowed to finish the race with “no regrets.” Trump plans to describe his early goals during remarks Saturday in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, according

Renegade Jew Backlash, A low-grade counter-attack

David Horowitz, Breitbart I have been accused of being a provocateur all my life – when I was a leftist in the 60s proclaiming (God help me) that Vietnam was the fulfillment of the American dream; when I left the left declaring that, “the beginning of political morality is anti-Communism;” when I said that identity politics

Malaysia jet saga highlights doubts over air traffic radar

The ease with which a big jetliner melted into the ether after vanishing from Malaysian radar illustrates an uncomfortable paradox about modern aviation: state-of-the-art airplanes rely on ageing ground infrastructure to tell them where to go. While satellites shape almost every aspect of modern life, the use of radar and radio in the cockpit has,