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Behind the scenes, Rino Ryan touts his agenda in Cleveland, not Trump’s

U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan offered his strongest support yet for Donald Trump’s White House bid on Tuesday at the Republican National Convention, saying the New York businessman he has repeatedly criticized provides America “a chance at a better way.” Behind the scenes in Cleveland, the highest-ranking elected Republican has been shopping a competing vision

Trump, Ryan to meet in search for Republican unity

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will hold an unusual tete-a-tete on Thursday with Paul Ryan, the country’s top elected Republican, to see if they can begin healing fissures in the party created by Trump’s insurgent candidacy. Party leaders are normally eager to rally around the presidential nominee in order to unite forces for the

Cruz’s Path to the Nomination Narrows After New York Walloping

The Texas senator can no longer reach the delegate threshold to claim the nomination prior to a contested convention. Ted Cruz knew he was going to get crushed in New York. The Texas senator didn’t hold a single campaign event (excluding TV appearances) over the last three days in the Empire State, instead campaigning in