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A Local School Board Election Can Change the Nation

Star Parker, Former House Speaker Tip O’Neill famously observed, “All politics is local.” We have a particularly sharp example in an upcoming school board election in Douglas County, Colorado that has far-reaching national implications. At issue is the Blaine Amendment, which appears in constitutions of 38 states. The Blaine Amendment prohibits appropriation of public funds

Clinton is trying to win Omaha’s single electoral vote, with help from Warren Buffett

A Little Blue Dot Is Irritating Nebraska’s GOP. Nebraska Democrats love talking about the Blue Dot. Formally known as the 2nd Congressional District, the Blue Dot hugs the state’s eastern border with Iowa, encompassing Omaha and its suburbs—an outpost of liberalism in an otherwise red state. In 2008 voters in the Dot went for Barack

Without This Option, School Choice Would Shrivel

Robert Holland, Would it be constitutional for a public school board to offer grants and scholarships to families wishing to choose private schooling, yet exclude those benefits for families who prefer for their children’s private school to be a religiously affiliated one? That is a key question for jurists to sort out in an already

Douglas County schools to issue semiautomatic rifles to security staff

Denver Post – by John Aguilar The Douglas County School District plans to arm its security staff with 10 semiautomatic rifles designed to provide a high-powered defense in the event of a shooting or other violent incident. Richard Payne, director of security, said he made the decision to spend more than $12,000 on the Bushmaster

Video: Colorado Trump delegate burns GOP registration after being turned away from state convention

Allahpundit, Ah, the power of Drudge. Larry Wayne Lindsey was locked out of the state GOP convention this weekend, made a YouTube video about his unhappiness replete with a dramatic burning of his party registration, saw the video get top-page treatment on the exceedingly pro-Trump Drudge Report, and today he’s doing the rounds on