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Down Syndrome

Does Abortion Really Prevent Child Abuse?

Mike Adams, I hear a lot of calloused arguments in favor of abortion. Most of them come from leftists. Unfortunately, I occasionally hear them coming from self-described libertarians and conservatives. Unlike leftists who are wrong on every issue, the person claiming to be conservative or libertarian is usually right on most issues. So it is

The Senate Report on Planned Parenthood No One Is Talking About

Phelim McAleer, After they were eventually shamed into covering the Kermit Gosnell trial – many in the media admitted they should have covered it earlier and more vigorously. Some of the more honest journalists and outlets also admitted they had not reported on it because of their biases and reluctance to write about a story

Planned Parenthood’s Legal Fight To Kill Babies With Down Syndrome

Amanda Prestigiacomo, As insufferable feminists, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Hollywood continue to deceitfully prop up Planned Parenthood as some moral paragon under the guise of women’s “health,” the abortion mill is literally pursuing a legal battle for the “right” to kill unborn babies with Down Syndrome.  Planned Parenthood has teamed up with the American Civil Liberties Union to try