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Texas border security related metrics

Drivers in Texas busted for drunken driving, not paying child support or low-level drug offenses are among thousands of “high-threat” criminal arrests being counted as part of a nearly $1 billion mission to secure the border with Mexico, an Associated Press analysis has found. Having once claimed that conventional crime data doesn’t fully capture the

Detroit teacher ‘sick out’ highlights district’s worst-in-nation student performance

Victor Skinner, DETROIT – Detroit Federation of Teachers members ditched their students to protest about pay today, despite data that shows they’ve been ineffective at improving the district’s worst-in-the-nation student academic performance. “There’s a basic agreement in America: When you put in a day’s work, you’ll receive a day’s pay,” DFT Interim President Ivy

Detroit Public Schools to open ╦ťArabic technical school’ for 4-year-olds

Victor Skinner,  DETROIT – The perpetually broke Detroit Public Schools is planning on launching a new dual-language Arabic technical school for prekindergarten through second graders. The new Arabic Dual Language Immersion and Technical Academy does not yet have an official opening date, but it’s part of an ambitious plan to launch three new school

Thirteen Detroit school principals charged in kickback scheme

Federal officials on Tuesday charged 13 current and former Detroit Public School (DPS) principals with engaging in a long-running kickback and bribery scheme. The charges come a month after Michigan Governor Rick Snyder named a federal judge who oversaw Detroit’s historic bankruptcy case to tackle the financial problems of Detroit’s schools, which are drowning under

Texas Lt. Governor: We’re Shutting Down the Border Ourselves

The Obama administration doesn’t take border security seriously.  Obama has arbitrarily and unilaterally changed immigration laws to enact portions of the DREAM Act, an amnesty plan previously rejected by Congress, which only encourages more illegal immigration. Not only has Obama encouraged more illegal immigration, through programs like the USDA advertising food stamps in Mexico, but