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Dred Scott

Five Lessons Abraham Lincoln Would Have For Today’s Republican Party

Josh Hammer, Sunday, February 12, 2017 marks the 208th birthday of perhaps the greatest statesman in American history: Abraham Lincoln.  More scholarly tomes have been written about Lincoln than double sausage and egg McMuffins have been consumed by Michael Moore, but Lincoln’s legacy is actually simpler than many might realize it to be. Lincoln understood

Of Judges and Other Lawmakers

Bill Murchison, The structure of American government has not received such a visible going-over since, oh, perhaps 1787. I say for sure only that it is hard to remember a time that politicos and propagandists have wallowed with such abandon in discussions — yelling matches, really — about the relationships among the branches of governments,

Democrats and Racism

Victoria Stroup, If you listened to a contemporary Democrat, you’d believe Republicans are responsible for all of society’s race problems, past and present. Say what you will about individual conservatives, but the Democrats have a dirty past Republicans could easily use. Dinesh D’Souza does his part in Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic

Blind Squirrel Finds a Supreme Court Nut

Matt Barber  While in the vast majority of their constitutionally related writings the Founding Fathers were explicit that the judicial branch of government is effectively the weakest of the three, such is not the case with today’s modern misapplication. Americans currently live under what is, for all intents and purposes, a counter-constitutional judiciocracy led by

Abortion and Rape

The criticisms of the recent absurd comments by Missouri Republican Congressman Todd Akin, who at this writing is his party’s nominee to take on incumbent Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill in November in a contest he had been expected to win, have focused on his clearly erroneous understanding of the human female anatomy. In a