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Trump, Drones, and Transparency

Daniel DePetris, On the same day that President Donald J. Trump inherited the presidency and all of the executive power that comes with it, another event occurred halfway around the world in a little backwater country called Yemen. In the Yemeni province of Bayda, an unmanned aircraft, piloted either by the U.S. military or the

Like Clinton’s Campaign, Inauguration Protests End Up Being Another Failure For The Left?

Michael Snyder, One protester got a little bloody during the pepper spray incident, but so far that has been it. Over the past couple of months, the radical left has been endlessly hyping the protests against Donald Trump on January 20th and January 21st.  We have been told that half the population absolutely hates Donald

Trump aide plays down prospect of upending ‘one China’ policy

President-elect Donald Trump’s incoming White House chief of staff on Sunday played down the prospect that Trump would revisit Washington’s decades-old “one China” policy, even though he suggested as much a week ago. Since 1979, the United States has acknowledged Taiwan as part of “one China” but Trump prompted a diplomatic protest from Beijing after

Why China’s Seizure of a U.S. Naval Drone Is So Provocative: Q&A

David Tweed, Daniel Ten Kate A Chinese naval vessel seized a U.S. underwater drone operating off the coast of the Philippines, sparking a protest from the Pentagon. 1. Has anything like this happened before? While confrontations between U.S. and Chinese military ships or planes occur on occasion, this is the first time China has seized