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From hunters & fishermen to greenies on Earth Day: œYou’re quite welcome!

Humberto Fontova “Over four decades ago, Americans from all walks of life came together to tackle a shared challenge,”  declared President Obama in his Earth Day address. “The first Earth Day was a call to action for every citizen, every family, and every public official. It gave voice to the conservation movement.” In fact, well

Scientists Insist Iraq was Nuked by US

Veterans Today – by Jim Fetzer,  Leuren Moret, and  Christopher Busby HEAVY FIRE POWER WAS USED IN FALLUJAH IN 2004: U.S. Marines fire Nov. 11, 2004, on Fallujah with a 155 mm Howitzer. One of the weapons originally designed for this artillery piece was a tactical nuclear weapon (that could include a neutron warhead) designed by Samuel