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Due Respect

Mary Matalin: Trump ‘Has a 100% Chance Of Winning’

Pam Key, Thursday on Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect,” Republican political consultant Mary Matalin said she is “confident” Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will win. When asked about the odds of a Trump victory in November, Matalin said, “I think he has a 100 percent chance of winning.” She continued, “I’m confident he’s going to win. The race

Lyin Ted Cruz Thinks He Can Woo Trump’s Supporters #OnlyTrump

The Texas senator said he’s “the only candidate who’s competed effectively” for the blue-collar workers who form the heart of Trump’s base. Ted Cruz has a message for Republican delegates: I can win over Donald Trump’s supporters even if I don’t win over Trump himself. “If it ends up, as I think probably will happen, at a