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Top Attorney Drafts Impeachment Papers for Barack Obama

Many of us have been calling for the impeachment of President Obama for quite awhile now.  There are ample reasons for which he could be impeached, from his anti-gun agenda or Benghazi, to the undeclared wars, gun-running and drone strikes in Libya, Syria and Yemen. The House of Representatives are ready to impeach, and already

US Army grants $3 million for anti-suicide nasal spray research

us soldiers

      For those feeling down in the dumps, the US military now has a solution: an anti-suicidal nasal spray that delivers antidepressant chemicals to the brain. The US Army has awarded a scientist at the Indiana University School of Medicine $3 million to develop a nasal spray that eclipses suicidal thoughts. Dr. Michael

Off-duty Philly officer shot dead on sidewalk

officer walker  Moses Walker Jr., 40, a 19-year veteran Philadelphia police officer was found shot to death on a North Philadelphia sidewalk early this morning shortly after leaving work, according to police. The officer was off duty at the time. His name was released after family members were notified and escorted to Hahnemann University Hospital