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Press confronts the reality of a Trump presidency that breaks the rules

Howard Kurtz, The media are finally coming out of denial. This is Donald J. Trump, and he ain’t going to change. All the talk about how he would change his style once he got to the White House (which Trump himself encouraged now and then) was misguided. His bombastic, combative and sometimes frenetic approach to

After Obama says farewell– looking to Eisenhower for wisdom from the past

Bret Baier, Tuesday night President Obama delivered his farewell to the nation, choosing the McCormick Place in his Chicago hometown as the stage.  The dramatic setting, the enormous crowd and the almost concert-like optics set this apart from every other presidential farewell. With echoes of past speeches and playing off the themes of the hope and change campaign of 2008, the speech was

Clinton Grapples With Globalization Vision as Trump Closes In

Ask Donald Trump what he thinks of U.S. trade policy, and his answer is clear: We’re getting robbed. Ask Hillary Clinton, and the message is far more complicated — potentially endangering her chances to win over voters feeling marginalized in the global economy. The two presidential candidates meet for their first head-to-head debate Sept. 26 in

Media greet Donald Trump in Cleveland with a Bronx cheer

Howard Kurtz, In welcoming Donald Trump to Cleveland, the media are serving up a smorgasbord of unflattering stories. There is, of course, some meat-and-potatoes stuff about what to expect at the Republican convention and all that. But there are also appetizers and entrees spiced with that pungent anti-Trump flavor. The theme is that this is

Senator Jeff Sessions warns fellow Republicans to fall in line with #Trump2016

Glenn Thrush | Politico, In an exclusive interview for POLITICO’s ‘Off Message’ podcast, the Alabama senator warns fellow Republicans to fall in line. Sen. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, Donald Trump’s friendly but fierce Alabama ally, has a message for Republicans still queasy about their party’s nominee: Tide’s about to roll over you. Sessions, a 69-year-old

The media may still be wrong about Donald Trump and the movement he leads

Keith C. Burris,  Stumped by Trump. It is time for most of the political journalists of America to rethink their view of Donald Trump. Myself included. The media narrative on Mr. Trump has come in three stages — all while covering him like a four-alarm fire. The first was to treat Mr. Trump as a joke,

The Conservative Case Against Trump

Ross Douthat, THERE are many lessons that conservatives need to learn from the rise of Donald Trump. There are elements of his message that the party should embrace. There are grievances among his voters that the Republican Party must address. But for conservatives to support Trump himself, to assist in his election as president of