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Eagle Scout Standard – Sessions and Tillerson

Robert Charles, Being an Eagle Scout matters, no kidding. Senator Jeff Sessions has been nominated for Attorney General, and ExxonMobil Chief Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State. Both are men of high accomplishment, Sessions a federal prosecutor, United States Senator, friend to colleagues of all persuasions, Tillerson head of the world’s third largest company, and

Rex Tillerson, Trump’s Pick for Secretary of State is an Accomplished Executive

Jeff Horwitz, President-elect Donald Trump has found an accomplished American executive in Rex Tillerson… A native of Wichita Falls, Texas, Tillerson came to Exxon Mobile Corp. as a production engineer straight out of the University of Texas at Austin in 1975 and never left. Groomed for an executive position, Tillerson came up in the rough-and-tumble world

A look at the candidates for House leadership

 House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s defeat this week in a primary election in Virginia has ignited a race among lawmakers who’d like to have his GOP leadership job. And Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s decision to try to move up to majority leader from his current job as whip has created another contest. Votes are scheduled for

Nazis On The Rise? Watch What Jewish Massacre Suspect Yells Out As He Was Arrested

B. Christopher Agee  Kansas City was rocked this weekend by the vicious murder of three individuals at a Jewish center and adjacent retirement community. A white supremacist, 73-year-old Frazier Glenn Cross, was reportedly taken into custody as a suspect in the shooting. The attack came just one day before the beginning of Passover, which starts

Clash of GOP titans in Mississippi Senate race

 Mississippi Republican Thad Cochran is facing his toughest primary challenge in nearly 36 years in the Senate, from a tea party favorite who casts him as an out-of-touch Washington insider. But Cochran is meeting state lawmaker Chris McDaniel’s barbs with a potent weapon: the Barbour family’s political machine. While Cochran has the backing of the