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Early Voting Results In Key Battleground States Appear To Favor Donald Trump

Michael Snyder, If you want Donald Trump to win the election, then you have got to be encouraged by what you are seeing so far.  Early voting has already been going on in a number of the most important battleground states, and up to this point the numbers seem to support the theory that Donald

If Voting Is Sacred, Early Voting Must Go

Jonah Goldberg, Let’s work backward. Less than a week before the election, the Wall Street Journal and Fox News’ Bret Baier reported that the Clinton Foundation has been under investigation for “pay-for-play” allegations for over a year — and that the Department of Justice may have been trying to monkey-wrench the effort. Eleven days before

The Dangers of Early Voting

Andy Schlafly, When FBI Director James Comey announced on Friday afternoon that his agents are reviewing 650,000 emails on a computer belonging to Hillary Clinton’s closest aide, Huma Abedin, political pundits immediately speculated about how this “October surprise” would affect the election. But the shocking news came too late for many Americans, because they’ve already

Team Trump: Early Voting Numbers Show The Donald on Warpath to Victory

Katie McHugh, Trump communications advisor Jason Miller said on Breitbart News Sunday that Donald Trump has thousands of more early votes racked up than Mitt Romney did during this point in the 2012 election, giving them more momentum heading into the final week of the 2016 presidential election. “I want to give you a couple of

Get Out To Vote Nebraska May 10th, 8am to 8pm #AmericaFirst

Registration Deadline/Change Party Registration: By mail April 22nd; In person deadline has been extended to Monday, May 2nd by 6 pm at the County Clerk/Election Commissioner’s office.* Please note you must be a registered Republican to vote for Donald Trump in the primary.   Early Voting: Anyone may apply to early vote. Apply in-person with

Indiana Boasts Record Turnout for Early Voting in Presidential Primaries

Breitbart News, Indiana steps into the national spotlight Tuesday with a primary election that could play a significant role in deciding Republican and Democratic presidential contests, as well as a spirited Senate GOP primary election and crowded races for Republican nominations in two U.S. House districts. Two state Senate Republican primaries also are drawing attention

Ohio Must Restore Three Days of Early Voting, Judge Rules

A U.S. judge in Ohio threw out a Republican-backed law that cut three days of early voting for most of the state’s citizens, handing a victory to President Barack Obama’s campaign organization. In a third setback for Republican-sponsored election law changes this week, U.S. District Judge Peter Economus in Columbus ruled that Ohio can’t give