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Battleground Ohio is coveted territory in election race

As a perennial swing state and one that yields 18 electoral college votes, Ohio has long been coveted territory for U.S. presidential candidates who pour piles of cash every election cycle into wooing its voters. Since the 1860 election of Abraham Lincoln just three presidents, and no Republican contender, have gone to the White House

High school students defy atheists, recite Lord’s Prayer at graduation

Todd Starnes, It was the best kept secret in East Liverpool, Ohio. Just moments before the graduation ceremony at East Liverpool High School on Sunday, the senior class gathered in a nearby auditorium. Together, they decided to do something that would make national headlines. The week before students learned they would no longer be allowed

Banned: School drops musical version of ‘Lord’s Prayer’ from graduation

Todd Starnes,  A musical rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer” has been performed at East Liverpool High School’s commencement for nearly 70 years. Lisa Ensinger performed the sacred song when she was a senior at the Ohio school in 1986. “It’s a tradition,” she told me – a tradition that she continued when she became the