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Europe: When Free Speech Died

Joseph Puder, The stifling of dissenting voices in the EU. The British people fed-up with Brussels dictates voted on June 23, to exit the European Union. Boris Johnson, former Mayor of London and a leading voice for Brexit, argued (Economist June18-24 issue) that “Napoleon, Hitler, and other various people tried this out (forcefully unifying Europe-JP),

Morning After Abortion Pill Now Available on Amazon

Purveyor of virtually everything now also merchant of death A controversial morning after pill known as Plan B, once a prescription, behind-the-counter contraceptive, is now being sold freely on the widely popular online marketplace Amazon, bringing the option to abort an unborn embryo right to people’s doorsteps. Multiple listings have cropped up on the retail

Europe to Open Its Skies to Drones

In an obscure working document, the European Commission has announced it is working on plans to open European civil airspace to unmanned drones by 2016. This follows the signing by President Obama earlier this year of the FAA Appropriations bill which mandated that US airspace must be opened to drones by 2015. The European Commission