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Economic Malaise: The Progressive-State Depression

Stephen Moore,  The blue states of America are in a depression. I don’t mean the collective funk of liberal voters because they lost the election to Donald Trump. I’m talking about an economic malaise in the blue states that went for Hillary Clinton. Here is an amazing statistic courtesy of the just-released 2016 edition of

Clinton Grapples With Globalization Vision as Trump Closes In

Ask Donald Trump what he thinks of U.S. trade policy, and his answer is clear: We’re getting robbed. Ask Hillary Clinton, and the message is far more complicated — potentially endangering her chances to win over voters feeling marginalized in the global economy. The two presidential candidates meet for their first head-to-head debate Sept. 26 in

Trump Win Is The Only Way To Stop TPP Catastrophe

Today President Obama Will Meet With Singapore’s Prime Minister To Push The Clinton-Drafted Trans-Pacific Partnership, Which Will Kill Millions Of Jobs Today President Obama Plans To Push The Trans-Pacific Partnership During A Meeting With The PM Of Singapore: Today “President Obama Will Use A Visit From The Prime Minister Of Singapore… To Launch A Final


Hillary Clinton Is Campaigning For President Obama’s Third Term, But Their Economic Policies Will Lead To More Job Losses And Increased Poverty In Ohio And Pennsylvania Clinton Has Explicitly Campaigned On A Continuation Of President Obama’s Policies: The Washington Post Said Clinton Was Positioning “Herself As President Obama’s Heir Apparent.” “So it looks as if Hillary Clinton is

We Need A Tough Negotiator Like Trump To Fix U.S. Trade Policy

“We Need A Tough Negotiator Like Trump To Fix U.S. Trade Policy” By Wilbur Ross And Peter Navarro, CNBC, 7/29/16 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is threatening to leave the World Trade Organization and rip up agreements like the North American Free Trade agreement, and his critics predictably are branding him everything from “wrong-headed” to

Hillary’s With Us¦If You Sell Out American Workers (Bad Trade Deals Edition)

The Clinton-Kaine Ticket Is Running To Keep Things Just The Way They Are, And That’s The Problem.  CLINTON HAS SUPPORTED GLOBAL TRADE DEALS THAT HAVE COST AMERICAN’S JOBS Trans-Pacific Partnership Clinton Played A Leading Role In Drafting The TPP, And Has Called It The “Gold Standard” As Secretary Of State, Clinton Took “A Leading Part

Clinton’s Failed Trade Policies Reap Record Trade Deficit On Same Day AFL-CIO Leaders Endorse

Today the AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest union, endorsed Clinton for president on the same day our nation’s current account trade deficit hit its highest mark in 7 years due to Clinton’s global trade policies. Hillary Clinton has supported virtually every trade agreement that has cost this country millions of jobs and is on the exact

Walter E. Williams: Elitist Arrogance

White teenage unemployment is about 14 percent. That for black teenagers is about 30 percent. The labor force participation rate for white teens is 37 percent, and that for black teens is 25 percent. Many years ago, in 1948, the figures were exactly the opposite. The unemployment rate of black 16-year-old and 17-year-old males was

Donald Trump: Understanding his anti-free trade and working-class appeal #VoteTrump

Amid the rugged cattle farms that dot the hills of southern Kentucky, in a clearing just beyond the Smoke Shack BBQ joint and the Faith Baptist Church, lie the remains of the A.O. Smith electric-motor factory. It’s been eight years since the doors were shuttered. The building’s blue-metal facade has faded to a dull hue,