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Constitutional Ignorance — Perhaps Contempt

Walter E. Williams, Hillary Clinton blamed the Electoral College for her stunning defeat in the 2016 presidential election in her latest memoirs, “What Happened?” Some have claimed that the Electoral College is one of the most dangerous institutions in American politics. Why? They say the Electoral College system, as opposed to a simple majority vote,

Answering 20 Questions Liberals Wanted to Ask a Conservative

John Hawkins, Since Donald Trump became president, liberals have been…let’s just say… EXTREMELY upset. On the other hand, even as someone who was not a fan of Trump, I have been very happy with his performance. In fact, so far, I don’t think anything Trump has done is radical. It’s more of a re-balancing towards

You Can Love The Founding Fathers And Still Think The Electoral College Sucks

Kyle Sammin, Most everything in the Constitution has stood the test of time, but the method for electing the president was the Founders’ biggest error. Because of the unusual popular/electoral vote mismatch, partisans of losing Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton have called for abolising the Electoral College. Both sides have found support for their actions in

Democrat crybabies, stop it. You are embarrassing yourselves. Donald Trump is your President

Thomas Madison, Divine Providence gave us Donald Trump and the Republican majority that exists in both chambers of Congress and most statehouses. We the People have finally put the Democrat Party out to pasture, or more metaphorically correct, thrown it in the dumpster. Notwithstanding the simple genius of our founders’ design when they created the

Liberals Launch Final, Doomed Effort to Block #Trump45

Brendan Kirby, Activists demand Democratic lawmakers challenge Electoral College confirmation. Having failed to persuade electors to reject President-Elect Donald Trump, progressive activists are mounting a last-ditch effort to stop him in Congress. Friday, Congress will formally count the electoral votes cast last month. Several Democratic members of Congress have mulled filing challenges to that vote. If at least

Trump sets long-awaited news conference for January 11

President-elect Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he would hold a “general news conference” on Jan. 11, his first formal press conference since his November election victory.  Trump had been scheduled to hold a press conference on Dec. 15 to discuss his plan to leave his sprawling business empire as he takes office Jan. 20, but

Suck It Up: Jill Stein Now Asking Loretta Lynch To Investigate Electoral College

Jason Hopkins, The former Green Party candidate just won’t let things go. After attempting to initiate a recount in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, Stein now wants Attorney General Loretta Lynch to investigate the “integrity” of the United States electoral system due to concerns from the recount effort. Stein’s attorney addressed a letter to the Justice

Christmas kindness: ’Tis the Season to Make America Hate Again

Daniel J. Flynn, The American Spectator Love is all you need — not! “Resistance means repetition,” Keith Olbermann says of the looming Donald Trump presidency. “Humiliate him, humiliate him every day, and those who support him.”  People intent on humiliating others end up humiliating themselves. Police arrested a Greenville, Mississippi, parishioner of the Hopewell Missionary

Some Christmastime advice for pundits and partisans

Michael Barone, Now that the 538 electors have voted, and with only the most minor of exceptions for the expected candidates, it’s still in order to marvel at how such a huge difference in public policies can be made by just a few votes — the 77,744 votes by which Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton

Trump rips pundits over popular-vote harping

President-elect Donald Trump lashed out at the media Wednesday over the sustained focus on Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s popular-vote lead on Election Day, firing off a string of tweets reminding America that he campaigned specifically to “win the Electoral College.” Those fighting Trump’s ascension to the presidency have touted Clinton’s popular-vote tally since Nov. 8,

After Electoral College fail, anti-Trump forces look for new cause

A last-ditch effort by die-hard Donald Trump foes to derail the president-elect’s victory in the Electoral College fell flat Monday, leaving the never-Trump movement licking its wounds and looking to 2017 for ways to thwart Trump’s presidency and agenda. The push to deny Trump the requisite 270 electors and send the election to the House