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Newspaper Admits: œWe Were Wrong to Endorse Barack Obama [READ]

 Some liberals in the media are finally waking up to the realization that President Obama’s ‘Hope and Change’ was all a charade, evidenced by the latest abysmally low approval ratings for Obama. Even the New York Times has recently spoken out of both sides of it’s mouth, covering up White House and IRS misdeeds on

Obama’s Legacy of “Leadership” — A String of Resignations in Incompetence and Disgrace

Bob Barr  It is easy to understand the “Messiah Complex” that envelops President Barack Obama and his White House. For years, Obama has been the Great Hope of the Democratic Party and liberal elites, including the likes of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, and even terrorist/liberal intellectual leader Bill Ayers.  In fact, when Kennedy endorsed

Senate to take up new VA bill after scandal

 Details of a refashioned bill to address the problems plaguing the federally run veterans’ health care system have been released by its sponsor, the chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont Independent, posted a summary of his bill Sunday and said it would be introduced this week. The bill includes

It’s a Start: VA Secretary Eric Shinseki , Carney resign

 President Obama gave a bizarre press conference to announce the resignation of VA Secretary Eric Shinseki on Friday morning.  I notice the major networks are keen on snipping this performance at the two-minute mark… with good reason.  The President went on for twenty more minutes, and if most Americans hear what he had to say,

Here’s A Memorial Day Idea, Washington: Stop Killing Our Warriors

Kurt Schlichter  Happy Memorial Day. Sadly, many in Washington seem committed to pushing policies that will ensure that there will be plenty of deceased veterans to memorialize. The bureaucrats infesting the VA system, that mindless, bloated golem of socialized medicine, have come up with a unique way of hiding their utter inability to perform their

Did The VA Just Call Barack Obama a Liar?

B. Christopher Agee  In a speech Wednesday morning, Barack Obama addressed the ongoing scandal regarding inordinate waiting periods for patients at facilities operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Though he assured Americans that such delays are unacceptable, he questioned whether they played any part in dozens of veteran deaths. He cited a report by

Obama and Congress move to address VA firestorm

 The Obama administration and Congress are moving quickly to respond to a growing political firestorm over allegations of treatment delays and falsified records at veterans hospitals nationwide. The top official for veterans’ health care resigned Friday, and House Republicans scheduled a vote for Wednesday on legislation that would give Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki greater

Obama tries to blow off his newest scandal: the VA outrage

It’s shocking to learn that the President who booted World War II vets out of their own memorial during Shutdown Theater would have a blase attitude about the outrage at VA clinics.  Confronted with reports of veterans left to languish on secret lists until they died, Barack Obama yawned and assigned a White House aide

Michelle Malkin: The VA’s Deadly Bureaucratic Drones

 At least 40 American veterans are dead thanks to bureaucratic delays at Veterans Affairs clinics. But you wouldn’t know it from VA Secretary Gen. Eric Shinseki’s bland and bloodless demeanor at a Senate hearing Thursday. He droned on like an apathetic office manager fielding complaints about the copier being jammed. Shinseki told the Senate panel

Obama’s America? Veteran Care About To Get Even Worse

Lee Covino  Recently, the National Commander of the American Legion called for Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki and other Under Secretaries in his agency to resign. It was the first time since 1941 that the veterans’ organization called for such a presidential appointee to step down. The American Legion Commander cited poor oversight and failed