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A Clinton White House would most certainly bring about a cultural Armageddon

Todd Starnes,  Pro-Trump Evangelicals Have Become a Whipping Boy for the Left & Right. Evangelical Christians who are supporting Donald Trump have become a whipping boy for the left and the right. The name-calling and self-righteous indignation from religious elites has quite frankly become tedious. In recent days, evangelicals have been told they are destroying

Trump and Sanders: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

John C. Goodman,  Have you ever stopped to think how different this election year has been because of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders? They have both changed the public policy debate in ways that have made our political discourse different than it would have been.  Let’s start with four good things that have emerged because

Trump is the New Mainstream

Brendan Kirby, Supporters of upstart candidate are newly formed GOP majority on a slew of issues. The views of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump are the new GOP mainstream. In smashing his way to the cusp of the nomination, Trump challenged recent Republican orthodoxy on a number of issues, from international trade to intervention

Ingraham: Establishment Casts Aside Working Americans

Brendan Kirby, Blasts political and media elites for their characterizations of forsaken voters. Establishment Republicans refuse to compromise on the issues of trade and immigration, preferring instead to ridicule working-class Americans as “meth-heads, horrible fathers, angry, stupid crackers,” LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham said Tuesday. Speaking on her radio show, Ingraham said it was an “interesting

John Boehner Signs Up for Obamacare

Wait a minute. Didn’t Boehner lead the Republican charge against Obamacare? Establishment Republicans like to pretend they’re opposed to big lumbering government socialist programs, but that didn’t stop Boehner’s wife from collecting confiscated wealth. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Speaker John Boehner, who lead a token fight against Obamacare, has signed up for