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Freedom of Association Isn’t Just for the Rockettes

Jeff Jacoby, LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE connected to Donald Trump, even the entertainment at his inauguration is generating controversy. The stories have been a godsend to the talk-shows and tabloids. But they have also provided a reminder of something too easily forgotten: Freedom of association is a vital human right. According to news accounts, Jackie Evancho

STANDING THEIR GROUND : Open Carry Trump supporters defend against Anti-Trumpers

EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS About six open-carry gun activists, some sporting Trump T-shirts, arrived at Trump’s rally in Texas and firmly planted themselves right across from the anti-Trump protesters. I have a feeling there won’t be any “eggs in the face” of innocent Trump supporters today. God Bless Texas! Courtesy AMY MORENO @

Dave Says Don't Pay Those Student Loans


Dear Dave, I’ve been working the Baby Steps and doing a budget most months. But how does someone who is single stay motivated and focused with something like this? It feels sometimes like it would be easier if I had someone holding me accountable. Rick Dear Rick,        The first thing is to make sure you