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3 Lessons on the 25th Anniversary of the Soviet Union’s Fall

Jamie Glazov, December 25 marked the 25th anniversary of the collapse of the Soviet Union. On this occasion, it is urgent for us to reflect on 3 key lessons that the fall of the Evil Empire provided. They are lessons that the new incoming Trump administration must put into action immediately vis-à-vis our enemy in

The EPA Shows Again That It’s an Affront to Common Sense

Jeff Stier, For decades, in administrations Democratic and Republican alike, the Environmental Protection Agency has been a paragon of waste, fraud, and abuse, a corrupt taxpayer-funded Evil Empire. “Science” there is just a tool to be manipulated in order to advance radical anti-technology and anti-industry agendas, even if it means distorting the intent of statutes

Team Trump is Targeting ‘Evil Empire’ Political Class Ryan and Clinton Represent

Breitbart News, Jonathan Swan at The Hill writes that Donald Trump’s campaign views Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan as part of the ‘evil empire’ permanent political class that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton also embodies. From The Hill: Trump on Tuesday unleashed a series of tweets directing scorn at the Speaker, who on Monday said he would