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GOP Kicks Another Can Down the Road

Bob Barr, While President Donald Trump wasted little time after taking his oath of office to outline his vision to “make America great again,” Republicans in Congress have behaved more like a sleepy bear waking from nearly a decade of hibernation. The latest example of this legislative yawn was the move by the House last

Preet Bharara Is Further Proof Colleges Favor The Left, Discriminate Against Conservatives

Rob Natelson, There’s no doubt that the recent hiring of Preet Bharara is indicative of the liberal bias in academia today. Preet Bharara, an Obama-appointed U.S. attorney, made news recently when President Trump fired him after he refused to render the resignation customary at a change of administration. He was immediately hired by New York University

FBI’s Comey only has to look in mirror to see who tilted the 2016 election

Dennis Kucinich, It doesn’t take much intelligence to figure out who tilted the 2016 election.  If the House Intelligence Committee wanted to find out about illicit election influence, members missed an opportunity in failing to question FBI Director James Comey about his Oct. 28, 2016, letter to Congress, released to the media, which sensationally announced

Lazy Republicans need to get up to Trump speed, or out of the way

Sean Hannity, President Trump is shaking up Washington with a shock and awe campaign that has caught the establishment flat-footed – including the Republicans who are supposed to be helping him with the heavy lifting. Consider what Trump has gotten done in a little over three weeks, with little or no help from GOP lawmakers.

Media Seeks Absolution Through Russian Hysteria

Jim Stinson, Press that pledged introspection instead latches onto false narrative of Kremlin-caused Trump win. On Thursday, CNN’s Brian Stelter released a lengthy story based on interviews with dozens of journalists who covered the 2016 presidential race. The consensus from the oral history was: They were all shocked when Republican Donald J. Trump became president-elect

New WikiLeaks Confirms Hillary DELIBERATELY, Criminally Deleted Emails

Louder With Crowder, This is from a conversation among her staffers… In the excitement of last night’s debate and the recently released Trump tape, you may have missed the latest WikiLeaks dump. Convenient, right? In case you missed it, the latest emails reveal quite a bit: how Hillary really feels about gay marriage, a “hit file” on

Are illegal aliens really just “immigrants” who lack documentation?

Michael Cutler, Hillary and ‘Undocumented‘ Aliens. The excuse “my dog ate my homework” supposedly explains why a student failed to bring a homework assignment to class, but it is an excuse that no one believes.  It is not limited students who fail to do their homework, but has come to be the cliché excuse for anyone

Mass Shooting Myth ” U.S. Homicide Rate Hits 51-year Low as Gun Ownership Increased 141%

Free Thought Project – by Jay Syrmopoulos In the wake of the Orlando nightclub massacre, politicians have attempted to use the tragedy as means of garnering public support for increased gun control measures. Four pieces of knee-jerk gun control legislation were defeated in Congress yesterday, but the debate surrounding gun rights continues unabated. The new