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EgyptAir plane hijacked to Cyprus, most passengers freed

A man thought to be strapped with explosives hijacked an Egyptian plane on a flight between Alexandria and Cairo on Tuesday and forced it to land in Cyprus, Egyptian officials said. After the EgyptAir plane landed at Larnaca airport, the hijacker released all the people onboard except four foreign passengers and the crew, EgyptAir said.

EgyptAir’s Flight MSR181: Man ‘Strapped With Explosives’ Hijacked Plane

A man “strapped with explosives” has hijacked a passenger plane during an internal flight in Egypt. EgyptAir flight MSR181 carrying 55 passengers and seven crew has now landed at Larnaca Airport in Cyprus. Officials are in contact with the hijacker, who is allowing Egyptian women and children to disembark. The man has asked police to leave the

Hashtag diplomacy update: Boko Haram grabs 60 more girls

Let’s check in with Boko Haram, the Nigerian Islamist group that kidnapped the young women our hashtag diplomats wanted back, and then forcibly converted them to Islam.  What are they up to these days, CNN? Boko Haram Islamists abducted 60 females, including children, and killed 30 men last week in a raid of a village in

TSA’s Mothballed Naked Body Scanners End Up Being Used In Prisons

Over 150 radiation spewing body scanners, previously used by the TSA in the nation’s airports, have been redeployed into environments much more fitting of their use – prisons. The machines, previously used to digitally strip search people who have had all their rights taken away by the authorities, are now being used to… digitally strip

Man Arrested In FBI Sting Found Dead In Federal Custody

FBI supplied fake explosives for alleged Space Needle, Walmart, gas station bombings  A Washington state man charged with plotting to blow up several buildings was found dead in federal custody Thursday, only days after being arrested during an elaborate FBI sting. According to federal agents, 53-year-old Larry Gillette, who was serving a sentence for identity

TSA Orders Over Half-Ton Of High Powered Explosive

Prepper Podcast – by James Smith  Put this in the “What in the hell are they thinking?” category, but the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) protectors of the friendly skies, the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) has submitted another requestfor high explosives via the Federal Business Online website today, and has issued a Limited Source Justification for three businesses