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State Rep Caught Tipping Off Illegal Aliens About ICE Raids

Christian Datoc | Daily Caller, Massachusetts official subverts law on behalf of illegals. Massachusetts state Rep. Michelle DuBois posted a warning to illegal immigrants on her Facebook page Tuesday about upcoming Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids that are rumored to be taking place in the area. “ICE raid in Brockton (MA) on 3/28,” DuBois wrote

TransferWise launches international money transfers via Facebook

Money transfer company TransferWise has launched a new service that allows users to send money internationally through Facebook Inc’s chat application, as competition in the digital payments landscape intensifies. The London-based startup said on Tuesday that it had developed a Facebook Messenger “chatbot”, or an automated program that can help users communicate with businesses and

Anti-Trump March Organizers Met to Discuss Plans With Twitter/Facebook Execs

Daniel Greenfield, While Twitter and Facebook agreed to censor conservative news under the guise of fighting a “fake news” epidemic, tech executives have apparently been coordinating with anti-Trump protesters.  On February 10, behind closed doors in San Francisco, national organizers of the Women’s March on Washington met with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and other tech

The Google-Facebook Online Ad Cartel is the Biggest Competition Problem

Scott Cleland, By far the biggest competition problem facing U.S. antitrust and regulatory authorities is the Goobook Ad Cartel, the unaccountable dominant chokepoint for monetizing most online news, content, products and services. The evidence is compelling that Google and Facebook have colluded to divide up and corner the online advertising market, and consequently, have deterred competition, devalued

Facebook’s fresh ‘fake news’ follies

With the left obsessed with the idea that “fake news” helped Donald Trump win the presidency, Facebook is promising a cure that could prove worse than disease. Why not face the real problem: the way social media encourage people to e-huddle only with like-minded folks? Facebook will let users flag posts as possible hoaxes for

Facebook executives feel the heat of content controversies

After Facebook’s removal of an iconic Vietnam war photo stirred an international uproar last month, the social network’s executives quickly backtracked and cleared its publication. But the image – showing a naked Vietnamese girl burned by napalm – had previously been used in training sessions as an example of a post that should be removed,

Facebook Bans Conservatives For Complaining About Censorship

Paul Joseph Watson, Social media giant back to its old ways despite much heralded meeting with conservatives. Just days after Facebook met with conservatives over concerns about the social media giant’s left-wing bias, conservative pages are still being banned. According to conservative commentator Lauren Southern, Facebook has banned all the moderator accounts that ran the

Facebook Owes You Nothing

Derek Hunter, There’s a lot of pearl clutching on the political right this week, so much so you’d be hard-pressed to differentiate it from the constant pearl clutching on the left. Facebook, it is alleged, “censors” conservative news. But does it really? And does it matter? There are not many people in the United States