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Disheartening: Senate Passes Bipartisan Bill to Grow Government

Steve Sherman, There’s always a lot of talk about the benefits of reaching across the aisle. In Washington, it seems like cooperation between the two pillars of political power rarely happens. That makes it all the more disheartening when the Democrats and Republicans reach bipartisan agreement, but in a way that suffocates the American people.

Domino’s Pizza franchisee: Mr. Trump, Obama-era regulations killing us. Here’s how you can help

Christian J. Reisch, Unless the Trump administration takes action, the Obama-era menu-labeling rule will be enforced on May 5.  Based on my experience as a pizza restaurant franchisee in Kentucky with 10 stores employing 250 Americans, I know that more value would be produced burning the billions of dollars that the federal government wants businesses

Are We Finally Accepting the Scientific Consensus on GMOs?

Young Voices Advocates, Editor’s note: This column was authored by Andrew Wilford. Despite the overwhelming scientific consensus that genetically modified foods are safe for human consumption, Americans are generally distrustful of all types of GMOs. An ABC poll from last year found that more than half of Americans believe that GMO foods are unsafe. However,

Obamacare, Dead Plan Walking

Paul Jacob, “Republicans would create chaos in the health care system because they are stuck,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says, “between a rock and a cliché.” Oh. Off by a word or two. But I don’t need to fix it. What needs to be fixed is the whole medical-industrial complex, including the over-regulated, mis-regulated,

Here Are Obama’s 11 Worst Regulations

Aaron Bandler, Over his two terms, President Barack Obama unleashed a copious amount of regulations, his administration adding thousands of pages to Federal Register, which now totals 97,110 pages of regulations, a record number. Here are 11 of Obama’s worst regulations imposed by his administration. 1. The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan. The Clean Power Plan requires

Wisconsin Could Pass Right-to-Try Law as National Bill Falters

Jordan Finney, The federal bill would protect state laws expanding treatment options for terminally ill patients. Bipartisan legislation recognizing terminally ill patients’ right to try experimental drugs could pass the Wisconsin State Legislature in 2017, after a national right-to-try (RTT) bill sponsored by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) was blocked in the U.S. Senate. State Rep.

A Guide For Presidentially-challenged Voters

David R. Usher, This presidential race has seen the most colossal battle of rumors, revelations, and revilement in political history. I discovered that a surprising number of my friends and neighbors are still torn about Tuesday.  They do not like either candidate for a variety of reasons. I have helped many friends and neighbors by

The Lost Art of Congressional Oversight

Bob Barr, Looking back on Monday night’s first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, you easily could conclude that there is no problem they couldn’t solve. They promised to defeat ISIS, create millions of jobs, and bring prosperity and happiness to all. That is, if you were willing to give them your vote.

Hillary’s Campaign to Lower Drug Costs Is a Downer No Happy Pill Can Fix

Devon Herrick,  Drug prices have become a campaign issue accompanied by a plethora of bad ideas. Spending on prescription drugs has grown tremendously over the past few decades, mainly due to the increase in the number of diseases and conditions treated using drug therapy. The truth is: most drugs are dirt cheap! Only a small