National Rifle Association sues Seattle over ‘gun violence’ tax

The National Rifle Association and other gun rights groups sued Seattle on Monday over a new tax on firearms and ammunition sales, arguing the city had violated a Washington state law barring municipalities from enacting local firearms regulations. Earlier this month, Seattle City Council unanimously approved a “gun violence tax” on sellers of firearms and… [Read More]

Kentucky Chuck E. Cheese refuses to serve police officer with firearm

A Kentucky Chuck E. Cheese appears to have taken the kid-friendly chain’s “no guns” policy too far, refusing to serve a police officer who entered the restaurant with a firearm. The gun-toting officer encountered the problem at the Chuck E. Cheese in the Greenwood Mall in the city of Bowling Green, prompting outrage from some… [Read More]

Packing heat in Detroit: Motown residents answer police chief’s call to arms

Detroit resident Darrell Standberry doesn’t navigate streets of the Motor City without his licensed handgun, and it already has saved his life once. “I never leave home without my weapon,” he said. “You never know when or what you’ll encounter.” It was 2011, when Standberry stopped at a gas station on Six Mile Road after… [Read More]

Showdown: State Reps Rally to Stop VA-Ordered Gun Confiscation of Vietnam Vet

 Mikael Thalen | , VA deems vet too “incompetent” to own firearms. State representatives and citizens alike are descending on Idaho in an attempt to stop the Department of Veterans Affairs from confiscating the firearms of a Vietnam veteran. Idaho State Representative Heather Scott, who first brought attention to the issue Thursday morning, stated… [Read More]

FBI Raids Jade Helm Martial Law Preppers

Men allegedly feared fallout from domestic, multi-state military exercise. Three North Carolina men accused of violating federal firearms laws were reportedly amassing a weapons arsenal to fight back against a government martial law takeover, the FBI claims. On Saturday, federal agents and local and state police raided a tattoo parlor and two other homes near… [Read More]

Gun Used in Terror Attack on Mohammed Cartoon Contest Sold Through Operation Fast and Furious

Katie Pavlich,   On May 4, 2015 Nadir Soofi and Elton Simpson drove from Phoenix to Garland, Texas to carry out a terror attack against conservatives hosting a Mohammed cartoon contest. When they arrived on scene, they were immediately shot and killed by police after opening fire outside the building. It turns out Soofi purchased his gun… [Read More]

Senate Democrats to gun dealers: help us expand background checks

Matt Vespa, Senate Democrats eager to expand background checks are reaching out directly to those vendors since their bills that chip away at Second Amendment rights was rightfully blocked in 2013. Gun dealers with a federal firearms license must conduct background checks for all gun purchases; the law requires it. Yet, Everytown and their allies… [Read More]

Is this the end of the gun control debate? Americans See More Guns As The Solution.

Matt Vespa,  The Washington Post’s reported–probably to Everytown’s dismay–that more Americans see gun ownership as the solution in fighting crime, and not the problem. It’s an echo of a familiar theme from NRA head Wayne LaPierre. “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” LaPierre said… [Read More]

Granny’s Got a Gun: More Seniors Now Purchasing Firearms

Cortney O’Brien, If you thought the elderly’s weapon of choice was their knitting needle, think again. A growing trend reveals that today’s senior citizens are taking advantage of their Second Amendment rights just as much as younger generations. One gun store in Georgia, Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range, has seen an influx of senior citizens… [Read More]

Without My Rifle, I Am Useless

John Nantz,  This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.  Did the Rifleman’s Creed flash through the minds of Sergeant Carson A. Holmquist, Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Sullivan, Lance Corporal Squire K. Wells, Staff Sergeant David A. Wyatt, and Petty Officer Second Class Randall Smith as they were being fired… [Read More]

Defund and Repeal Military Gun Free Zones Now!

Bob Barr,  On September 16, 2013, civilian contractor Aaron Alexis entered a building at the Washington Navy Yard, where he walked to the fourth floor bathroom and loaded a shotgun. Within six minutes of the first shots fired, Alexis had murdered 10 people; and before police killed him more than an hour later, the death… [Read More]