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Five proposals to get the Trump train back on track

Liz Peek, Donald Trump’s presidency is only one month old, but already the buzzards are circling. The president cheered supporters by assailing his critics at yesterday’s press conference, but there is little doubt that the Trump White House is struggling to keep its momentum. The drama over Michael Flynn’s departure and the defeat of Labor

America, meet your new dealmaker-in-chief — Donald Trump

Liz Peek, Editor’s note: The following column originally appeared on the website of The Fiscal Times.   Think Donald Trump is a one-off? Not quite — in many ways, he appears a successor to LBJ. Following the unprecedented election of Donald J. Trump, many continue to look for precedents. The real estate magnate’s intervention with

Why Paul Ryan Should Vote for Hillary Clinton

Ciro Scotti, The Fiscal Times House Speaker Paul Ryan’s speech at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday evening wasn’t the red-meat rant of Rudy Giuliani the night before or the crowd-pleasing “prosecution” of Hillary Clinton that Chris Christie performed. And it’s been panned by convention pundits. But if the GOP loses the election of 2016

The Global Economy Needs Governments to Step Up

Dan Weil, The Fiscal Times The global economy is at a crossroads, says Mohamed El-Erian, chief economic adviser for German insurer Allianz, who warned years ago that economies had entered a sustained period of sluggish growth dubbed the “new normal.” Now this slow-growth period, enabled by massive central bank easing around the world, is coming

Yes, Donald Trump offends some conservatives. Here’s my advice for them

Liz Peek,   Many of America’s leading conservatives are behaving as though someone walked through their front door smelling of manure. They are loftily disapproving of Donald Trump, who does not pass their ideological sniff test and who nonetheless is the presumptive Republican nominee. My advice: get over it. Your guy lost and, as Obama

Trump is Right about stocks and the economy

Donald Trump. Just uttering his name will summon a powerful mix of emotions in the average American depending on their political bent. The GOP presidential frontrunner continues to ruffle feathers, crash the status quo — and he remains the only Republican with a path to the nomination on the first ballot at the party’s convention.

How Highway and Bridge Infrastructure Affects the Economy

Chris Versace  There has been much talk lately about the tone of construction spending. Two ways to profit jump quickly to an investor’s mind. One is residential construction, which includes single-family homes and multi-family homes, such as apartments, condos and the like. The other is nonresidential construction, which encompasses more than 15 subcategories, from manufacturing