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Trump blasts ‘out of control’ media, defends agenda at heated press conference

President Trump’s feud with the media turned into an all-out war Thursday afternoon. His early presidency beset by damaging leaks and a burst of staff turmoil, Trump used a hastily called press conference to blast the media’s coverage of his administration in his strongest terms yet. He claimed the press is “out of control,” reports

Rubio’s vote key for Trump’s pick for Secretary of State

The fate of President-elect Donald Trump’s selection for his administration’s Secretary of State hinges in the vote of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. The Wall Street Journal reported that three Republican senators have expressed concern over Rex Tillerson, the former CEO of Exxon Mobil. Rubio is reportedly undecided on his vote and said he will not

ObamaCare architect on defense over rising premiums, blames Republicans

ObamaCare architect Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel sought Wednesday to defend the embattled health care law he helped design, in a contentious interview with Fox News where he tried to pin the blame for rising premiums on Republican lawmakers.   Speaking with “The Kelly File,” Emanuel acknowledged premium hikes in some markets are a “problem” that needs

L.A. Times Tracking Poll: Trump Pulls Ahead Of Hillary By Four Points

The L.A. Times Daily Tracking poll shows that Donald Trump is pulling ahead of Hillary Clinton again, now leading her by 4.1 points. Trump is now at 46.4 percent while Clinton is at 42.3 percent, indicated that he is regaining his lead after he started trending downward. Trump was leading by 6.7 points last Monday

Democrats reportedly discuss dropping DNC chair Wasserman Schultz

Democrats on Capitol Hill have discussed the possiblity of removing Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz from her position prior to the party’s national convention this summer in Philadelphia.  According to The Hill, some Democrats believe that Wasserman Schultz’s ongoing battles with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders have made her too divisive a figure to

Trump on VP search: Looking for candidate with congressional ties

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump said Thursday he is looking for a vice-presidential candidate who has a close relationship with Congress, so that as president he can avoid having to sign executive orders that he described as a common feature of the Obama presidency. In an interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier, the billionaire said

Trump threatens lawsuit over lost Louisiana delegates #StandwithTrump

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump threatened Sunday to sue Ted Cruz over potentially claiming more Louisiana delegates in a state he technically won.  “Just to show you how unfair Republican primary politics can be, I won the State of Louisiana and get less delegates than Cruz-Lawsuit coming,” Trump tweeted Sunday afternoon. @realDonaldTrump Just to show

‘A HOSTILE TAKEOVER’ Jindal claims ‘rebellion brewing’ against DC

 WASHINGTON –  Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Saturday night accused President Barack Obama and other Democrats of waging wars against religious liberty and education and said that a rebellion is brewing in the U.S. with people ready for “a hostile takeover” of the nation’s capital. Jindal spoke at the annual conference hosted by the Faith

Sen. Paul keeps pole position in 2016 GOP presidential field

Seth McLaughlin,  A new nationwide poll found that Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee are leading the field of potential 2016 presidential candidates. Mr. Paul and Mr. Huckabee won support from 13 percent of those surveyed, while former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was nipping at their heels with 11 percent. New