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The Extreme Left Controls the Media

Floyd Brown, Most members of the mainstream media are to the left… but not many are to the hard left. That’s because most hard-left activists work directly in politics. They’re the shock troops of the Democratic Party and the Obama administration. Yet, somehow, these hard-left activists have an amazing ability to control the opinions of

What John Boehner Is Doing Could Cost Him Big Time

Floyd Brown  Right now, the country is dealing with a number of issues that are hurting the Democratic Party, including high taxes, Obamacare, the stagnant economy, and a lack of job growth in America. Should Republicans position themselves accordingly, they’d likely secure major victories in the 2014 mid-term elections. Unfortunately, the Speaker of the House,

You’ll Never Guess Who’s On The Clintons’ Enemies List

Floyd Brown Holiday weekends often produce unusual news.  For me, this Easter weekend was especially strange. You see, late on Friday, the Clinton Presidential Library released some documents that revealed something I’ve known for decades but had trouble proving… My name was on the Clinton White House’s list of spies and enemies. Now, such lists

How Obama Has Slowly Destroyed The First Amendment

Floyd Brown Americans are often under the impression that Obama has a strong alliance with the mainstream news media. If you’re one of them – you couldn’t be more wrong. The Obama administration has ways to actually control the press. And when that’s not possible, the administration creates its own alternate press to influence Americans. Indeed, a

Slaves Kept More Of Income Than Americans Do Today

Floyd Brown  Will Rogers famously said, “Be thankful we’re not getting all the government we’re paying for.” Like most Americans, Rogers understood that it isn’t cheap to live in the United States. And he wasn’t talking about the cost of living… He was talking about the cost of government. Today, Americans spend more of their

Top 4 Reasons Obama Will Be Seen As A Failure

Floyd Brown  As Barack Obama moves toward the end of his career, expect to hear lots of talk about his legacy. I believe the first African-American president will be remembered kindly by the academic establishment, writing from their ivory towers, because of the historic nature of his election. But for average Americans, it’ll be a