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Clinton email probe reportedly caused rift between Comey, Lynch

FBI Director James Comey reportedly did not trust former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and other senior officials at the Justice Department, speculating they might provide Hillary Clinton some political cover over her email scandal during the presidential election. Comey’s so-called “go-it-alone strategy” in the Clinton investigation emerged from suspicions that Lynch and other Justice Department

No Evidence of Connection Between Trump Campaign and Russia

Kristina Wong, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer ripped into the media on Friday for continuing to ask questions about a connection between the Trump campaign and Russia, noting that there’s been no evidence of that. “Everyone who’s been briefed on this subject, from Republican to Democrat to CIA — former Obama administration’s [Director of

Underage Drinking, An Arrested Teacher, And A Naked Woman: Spring Break In Santa Rosa

Amanda Prestigiacomo, The most bizarre spring break trip of all time includes a heroic rescue of underage girls from a burning home, a naked woman found in the middle of the road, and a lot of illegal underage drinking hosted by a substitute teacher and chaperone from the same Alabama school district.  Did I mention everyone goes to jail? Because

The Silver-Tongued Liars’ Playbook

Paul Driessen, Coal-fired power plant scrubbers now remove 80-90 % of airborne particulate, mercury, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and other pollutants. But that means “fly ash” and noncombustible residues (what we used to call clinkers) must be sent to landfills. That’s opened a new front for anti-energy activists, who use accidents, “detectable” pollutants in water,

Fake News Godfather Dan Rather: People Will Die Thanks To Trump Budget Plan!

Hank Berrien Former CBS anchor Dan Rather emulated a prophet of apocalyptic doom in a post on Facebook, warning that President Trump’s budget proposal will cause people to die. Rather started by opining that Trump’s budget reflected a philosophy that would hurt Americans who voted for Trump. He then noted Trump had made promises during the presidential campaign,