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George Washington’s old church should be ashamed for removing his plaque

Christ Church is a historic religious institution in Alexandria, Va., that has had some very important parishioners. George Washington was a member and regular attendee at the congregation. Most churches, I reckon, would be honored by this, but Christ Church, the Washington Times reported, has suddenly grown embarrassed: This week the church announced it was

President’s Day: The secret Trump could learn from George Washington

Dr. Peter A. Lillback, On this Presidents’ Day, one of many American traditions we owe to George Washington, let’s reflect on another tradition he established – the farewell address. Washington’s Farewell Address first appeared – it was written, not spoken – in a Philadelphia newspaper, the American Daily Advertiser, in 1796. In those days, Philadelphia

You Can Love The Founding Fathers And Still Think The Electoral College Sucks

Kyle Sammin, Most everything in the Constitution has stood the test of time, but the method for electing the president was the Founders’ biggest error. Because of the unusual popular/electoral vote mismatch, partisans of losing Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton have called for abolising the Electoral College. Both sides have found support for their actions in