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Clinton Camp Making Huge Mistake by Suggesting Election is Already Won

Paul Joseph Watson, “Good luck with that” According to Mike Huckabee, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is making a huge mistake by signaling to voters that the presidential election is already won. During an appearance on Fox Business, the former Governor of Arkansas was asked by host Stuart Varney is there was a “strategy on behalf of

The MASSIVE Gift Obama’s Medicare Program Gave 500 Illegal Aliens

While most Americans work hard for substandard health care benefits, President Barack Obama just handed illegal immigrants health care on a silver platter. According to Fox Business, that gift amounted to over $9 million. In fact, a new audit by the Department of Health and Human Services showed Medicare mistakenly paid $9.3 million dollars in health

Trump Says He’ll Spend More Than $500 Billion on Infrastructure

The proposal would amount to a massive new government program. Donald Trump on Tuesday proposed a plan to rebuild U.S. infrastructure that costs “at least double” the amount that Hillary Clinton has floated, in what would amount to a massive new government program. Asked on Fox Business Network how much he’d spend, the Republican presidential nominee

Ryan Would Give Up Convention Chairman Role If Trump Asks

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Monday he’ll step down as chairman of the Republican National Convention if Donald Trump asks him to do so. Ryan’s offer comes amid continued resistance by Ryan and other conservatives in the Republican Party to throwing their support behind the party’s presumptive 2016 presidential nominee. It also increases the uncertainty

Sorry girls, your civil rights in Illinois just got double flushed

Todd Starnes, Do the rights of boys who identify as girls trump the rights of girls who are born girls? That question is at the heart of a lawsuit filed by dozens of Illinois parents after the Obama administration’s Department of Education strong-armed their school district into allowing a transgender student the right to use

VIDEO: Willie Robertson Just Blasted Hillary In A Big Way Trump Is Smiling!

Willie Robertson, star of A&E’s hit reality show Duck Dynasty just gave Hillary Clinton bad news: The trend-lines for Hillary are going the wrong way, and things will only get worse! Robertson, who is also a new Fox News contributor, explained on Stuart Varney’s Fox Business show just how badly conservative businessman Donald J. Trump